Sex & Philosophy de Mohsen Makhmalbaf

OK, this is my first review here. I am pretty much writing it, because this was the best movie I saw at the 2005 Rio's Film Festival and since then I have only seen people trash it. This is simply a beautiful poetic film about the definition of love and what it means for much of today's relationships. I have to say that I disagreed with some of it's conclusions, but that didn't at all damaged my enjoyment. What more can I say? Everything is beautifully constructed in the screen: the car with the 40 candles, the empty plane, the stopwatch, the hands touching, the singing with the glasses, the city in the winter with the umbrella, ... All followed by great music and some dancing (witch some critics thought should have been more meaningful, instead of just plan fun). Since I never saw a Makhmalbaf's film before, I can only compare saying that its much like a Godard's, but without his recent bitterness and with actually something to say (or at least with something I care about listening). Finishing, it's about the search for the moments of happiness in life. Definitely a must for people tired of those boring narrative movies that cant seen to stop telling those same old dramatic stories with no originality in the scenes' enrichment. 


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