All the Days Before Tomorrow de François Dompierre

I saw this film international opening in the 2006 Rio's Film Festival. And for me it was one of the three best I saw. François Dompierre first film is almost perfect, a story about love and memory. Great pacing, beautiful images and excellent music, which, although completely different in subject, made me remember in some ways in Sofia Copolla's Lost in Translation.

All happens in one night, when Wes, a guy who knows what to remember, but has no action, receives a call from Alison, the girl he remembers, a friend and nothing more. She is in town, is leaving tomorrow and wants to see him. They have this one night to remember their past, all the days before tomorrow, all the days before she leaves again. Two summers ago, they meet, one summer ago, they traveled through the desert. They were happy together, but there was always a feel in the air for something more than just friendship. In his travel through his memory, Wes will be guided by the Doctor, an old man in a monochromatic landscape, who revels to him what he always knew, all the questions he never had the courage to make while awake. He needs time to understand there is no time. He needs time to understand that to finally fly, he needs to take action, to build eternity with Alison. 


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