Stephan through the Delta Waves (2011, psychedelic short film, with english subtitles)

Stephan through the Delta Waves

Chapter I: The Art of Awakening

Chapter II: The Secret of the Holy Mountain

Lady of the Video: This is just a movie!

Stephan (VO): Am I a character in a movie? What role do I play?

Lady of the Video: Going to the cinema is an orgy!

Stephan (VO): Wild monsters on the bases of my mind, in the pit of my unconscious, want to growl, want to scream, want to roar, to run naked in the forest to hunt! But he wants to, but he wants to ... bite a shoe! Bite a shoe! This shoe must be delicious! How good to bite a shoe! A red shoe, like a balloon! A red balloon, rolling and bleeding, kicked to the ground!

Stephan (VO): I was able to hold it before it took me completely!

Stephan (VO): No, it's too late, the other doors are opening. Here they come!

Personality 1: Angelo, charmer of young girls, actor, passionate, deluded, devourer, lying on a mattress of silky asses, covered by thousands of hands.

Personality 2: Ruben, the monk, the naturalist, belonging to the valleys of hallucinations, outside the body, out of mind, out of the consequences!

Personality 3: Morgan, the murderer, the tsar, the thirsty for power, money and blood! Professional swimmer of the golden pit!

Personality 4: Oscar the Wild. Fabulous, symmetrical, obsessive, compulsive! Perfection in the fight, in love and death! Pure sarcasm through the barrier of teeth!

Personality 5: Boris, the coward, dubious, fat, relaxed, crawling around thoughts of everyone conspiring against him, gossiping instead of stabbing.

Personality 6: Ozualdo, decrepit, stingy, corrupt, paranoid, antisocial, thirsting for brain, thirsty for struggle, sunk in worms!

Stephan (VO): I have to leave, I have to breathe, there is one more to come, one worse, one that is all, I must run away! I hear the wind outside. I want to belong to the typhoon, which turns to play, which turns to return, without crushing the beautiful witch who spies the girl in red shoes.

Chapter III: The Poet's Blood

Lady of the Video: This is the script! Look how is big. And now I gonna read my line. If reality is nothing more than a logical construction in our brains… what!? … from the affections… lol … from the affections …

Stephan (VO): Every way seems the same, none seems to lead to the land where the stories never end and where it is my sole responsibility to name the princess. All life is but a script, to be written by a hand, or many hands. Or the self, or that of all others who through force dictate the path of others. Choice, or denial. What? What was that? A blur running red on the horizon!
Stephan (VO): By the sandals of Hermes! By the trumpet of Ganesha! Where should I run, I must run!

Stephan: I know you, do I not?

Stephan: Baltazar, is it not?

Baltazar: Yes, yes. Come on, sit down! Ever seen the dwarf king?

Baltazar: It's ... it does not matter now. You want a cigar?

Stephan: No, I do not smoke.

Baltazar: So, what is your destiny?

Stephan: I'm coming from somewhere, heading nowhere. My cage was too tight to contain all my definitions, or beliefs in any space.

Baltazar: The only cage is your own mind!

Stephan: Yes, it is a truth, but how can I find the keys of my own mind, when I am lost in the buzz of the chaos of another's mess. You've seen the living dead coming from all sides, squealing, envying, conforming. They live to make everything around them their own mechanical death.

Baltazar: Yes, why do you think I smoke? To burn the end of my cigar on their heads. I do not like being possessed by Ares, but I am forced.

Stephan: Do ​​you know where I should go?

Baltazar: Of course not, only you should know! If you turn to others for your path, you become one of those creatures screaming for brains!

Stephan: I saw a little red spot running my way, maybe it's a beautiful girl! Maybe I can find a way in love!

Baltazar: Everything is possible, everything is choice, everything is desire, everything is belief, and are not men the fathers of the gods? But getting off the subject, had you not promised me a documentary about my life?

Stephan: Yes ... yes, some time.

Baltazar: I am not young, if you are not fast, soon there will be nothing left of me.

Stephan: You should not complain, you're not the best actor and you're getting papers, right? That should be enough. Just see, you only move in the close-ups, every general plan is like you do not even care, you just stand there absolutely still!

Baltazar: Pay me more, and I move!

Stephan (VO): Where has that beauty of red gone? Has she gonne through this garden covered with the bones of thousands of Roman legions. There, yes, I see, the red figure in the distance, running. How to achieve her? How to walk through the door of this maze?

Chapter IV: Trilogy of Life

Lady of the Video: And now I gonna say my line. If reality is nothing more than a holographic construction in our brains, from the affections provoked by outside subjects, mixed with our memories, and dreams are also nothing more than an equal construction of our desires with our memories, what is the difference? I shall drink tea!

Baltazar (VO): Clusters of scattered thoughts running through the cities, the old one is coming back. The old one spreading his tentacles through the buildings, entering each door, covering the scream, the scream of the ruined city. Oh ancient one, crush the state, crush consumption, crush the tribes, crush the identity of $ 1.99!

Stephan (VO): I saw her, I'm sure I saw her, where is that beautiful girl?

Chapter V: The Wall at the End of the Universe

Lady of the Video: People only fight for imaginary things.

Stephan (VO): I finally arrive at the end! The wall at the end of the universe where the purple giants sleep, end of all paths, end of all possibility, where possibility in itself is born to its inverse. I have heard rumors that on the top there is a barn, a barn filled with immense, dark, sinister, tooth loaded rabbits, which with they shatter the bodies of all who try to go up there, climbing, throwing their carcasses into the infinite abyss. For there is no other side, nor there must be, nor ever shall be. I heard that some give up when they arrive at the wall and return to the place they came from, bringing only desolation, melancholy and an ice cream, and also heard about those who decide to join it and amalgamating with the bodies of the giants, they surrender perfectly to infinity of their minds. I heard there is a tree.

Chapter VI: Yggdrasill

Lady of the Video: At this exact moment, you are getting born, falling in love and dying. All moments in time are parallel.

Stephan (VO): I am at Yggdrasill, which gives life, which gives birth to man, endowed with the three bases necessary to compose man so he can begin to rise: desire, reason and tranquility. It is necessary to love, love like a madman, to take care, to protect, to excite, to take and give unforgettable pleasure! It is necessary to think, to construct, to compare, to demolish, to reconstruct, to conclude, so that one can carry on, so that one does not make many mistakes, so that these mistakes are only perceived as learning. It is necessary to move on with determination, but without any concern, to be taken into total tranquility, walking the path, of life, or death, it does not matter, what matters is action, certainty of movement, right movement, movement up, turning, finally becoming one with oneself, really getting to know oneself, knowing the responsibility of being everything and at the same time nothing! I heard that when you get to Yggdrasil, all rules, all laws, collapse, end of morality, end of gravity, because in the tree there is only one rule, that of never looking back, who looks back is doomed to melancholy, is condemned to be shattered by the Menades. One should never look at the carcass of the one-eyed old man hanging on one of its branches. One should never look at the conqueror who struggles with his last forces against the ocean on a beach on the coast of Dahomey. But, but ... and if you climb up the spiral that leads to the beyond man, is not something lost? Maybe the shape of a beautiful girl in red. I do not know.

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